Router profi line BOF 20

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Router profi line BOF 20

The efficient production of flat shaped workpieces has gained tremendously in importance. Conventional processing methods using a number of individual machines are unable to keep pace with increasingly stringent demands on flexibility, quality and cost reduction.

With the router BOF 20 Homag offers a solution designed to grow with future demands which allows all the production stages of shaped component processing to be performed on a single machine. This offers a whole new dimension in CNC-controlled stationary processing which makes economical sense right from batch size. In short , a series which is typically "Homag".

Modular design: resetting and upgrading at any time

Your router BOF 20 is designed to permit simple upgrading whether for worktops, doors, windows or other special processing requirements. The modular interface at the working spindle which accommodates the changeable units can be used to transform the router into a complete processing centre with suitable preparation even including edge processing. This allows you to adapt your machine at any time at reasonable cost to your operating requirements.

In step with the state of the art
One of the fundamental advantages of the machine concept is that the Homag router is able to grow to accommodate new developments in processing unit technology. You will be supplied with a series of updates for the BOF 20 allowing you and your processing centre to keep abreast of technological developments.

A heavy-duty, torsion-resistant machine bed with a rigid, vibration-damping Y beam and a low-mass Z axis form the optimum base construction. Precise, low-wear pretensioned and backlash-free rack and pinion drive systems in conjunction with the high-resolution digital drive system form the basis for a consistent high standard of processing quality for instance for complete circular processing, 90 degree corners or high hogging output.

High precision coupled with high traversing speeds and cutting pressure

- Traversing speed of up to 80 m/min.
- Processing speed up to 30 m/min.
- Tool change in 2 3 secs
- Changeover of complete processing units in 5 7 secs
- Highly dynamic due to digital drive technology
- Dynamic contouring error compensation

As variable as your practical requirements:
Sizing and profiling, drilling, grooving, all types of dividing work: The Homag router offers just the type of varied application possibilities you need in your everyday production work. And with every conceivable type of material: Chipboard, MDF, coreboard, solid wood, plastics etc.

Individual, alternating or multiple processing
The router is designed to cope with a whole range of feed modes. The choice is yours: Individual feed is used if only a single workpiece is processed at one time, while alternating feed with one workpiece always in standby substantially enhances productivity. Depending on the configuration, multiple workpieces can also be mounted for maximum capacity utilization.

Two working spindles: Double output, reduced downtimes
A carefully designed modular system opens up new processing possibilities. Two working spindles with separate Y axis and tool changing system for chip-to-chip times of less than 2 seconds. This configuration also permits two workpieces to be processed simultaneously in parallel operation.


Processing centres with permanently mounted processing unit not only restrict the user to a specific, unchangeable configuration the heavy-duty unit supports also substantially slow down the machine. The solution from Homag:

Automatic: Out of the magazine, into the spindle
The Homag router simply picks all the tools and units it requires out of a exchange magazine and slots into the working spindle.

Performance on demand: The tool changer
The 12-slot plate changer is a low-cost solution for the provision of up to 12 tools and units. The higher-speed chain changer with 30 or 70 slots is equipped with a double gripper which holds the next tool or unit in standby during running operation.

Sophisticated technology, top results
The working spindle has to fulfil a whole range of functions, and is accordingly fitted with the best modern technology can offer:

- Water cooling for optimum machine function
- Hybrid bearings (ceramic) for less friction, double the service life, maximum precision
- Four-dimensional interface for all conceivable unit functions and simple future upgrading
- Tool interface HSK F63 for maximum static and dynamic rigidity, high exchange and repeat accuracy

It is only the sum of all these individual facets which permits such a wide range of machine processes in such a high standard or quality.

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