Double-end tenoner FL 10 - FL 20

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Double-end tenoners / sizing maschines

Double-end tenoner FL 10 - FL 20


Homag double-end tenoner:
The reliable, compact "work horses"
for a wide range of applications

Despite the advent of modern panel dividing saws, the double-end tenoner remains an indispensable feature of many fields of furniture production. It is invaluable when it comes to the manufacture of furniture, doors, door panels, fronts, frame components, wall and ceiling panellings, flooring elements... Equipped from a comprehensive selection of processing units, Homag double-end tenoners FL 10 to FL 20 reliably manage a wide range of different processing functions. And as you would expect from Homag: mechanical, electrical and electronic and control engineering are all abreast of the very latest technological developments.

Wide scope of materials and possibilities
Homag double-end tenoners are designed for the high-speed processing of panel-shaped workpieces such as directly coated panels, MDF, coreboard, solid wood, plywood, plastics, hard foam, cork, postforming or cement- bonded fibreboard in a wide variety of ways:

  - Parallel cut
  - Angular cut
  - Bevel cut
  - Sizing
  - Profile trimming
  - Rebating
  - Grooving
  - Corner and contour processing
  - top layer removal

The secure backing of the market leader
With many thousands of sizing and - naturally - also edge banding machines to its name, Homag has assumed the role of the world's number one manufacturer of machines for the panel furniture industry. Who else can offer you this degree of expertise and the security you need for you and your production?

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