The Entry Level STO / SKO

The Entry Level Machine – Optimat STO/SKO

...planing, calibrating, solid wood sanding, fine sanding, veneer sanding

STO 113

The Optimat line STO / SKO is consisting of machines with 1 to 4 sanding heads in working widths available 1100 and 1350 mm.

The naming STO stands for the movement of the feed table by workpiece thickness adjustment.

The SKO stands for constant passline. This means the upper machine part is moving during thickness adjustment.
The enables an extension of the processing area before and behind the machine for ergonomic handling of bigger sized panels.

STO 213

High quality surfaces on all types of wood are guaranteed with the Bütfering CPS Electronic Pad

STO 313

Further features are:
  • height adjustable contact roller with grit size compensation
  • electrical, wearless braking system
  • rubberised conveyorbelt drive drum within the feed unit
  • 4 large dimensioned threaded spindles for continuously precise workpiec thickness adjustment
  • automatic conveyorbelt tracking system
  • high quality natural rubber conveyorbelt
  • electronic abrasive belt oscillation
  • protected sanding pad deposit in the machine
  • automatic overthickness protection
  • Terminal control with 50 sanding programmes for automatic machine control

SKO 413

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