HKL 11 Optimat

HKL 11 Optimat

High Tech - Compactness-Performance-HKL 11
The new generation of the classical angular saw has already proved itself.
In the nineties, the legendary Holzma Fixomat 13, a synonym for a compact, budget-priced angular saw, sold over a 130 times. Now its successor, the Fixomat HKL 11 is steadily gaining ground. Since its launch in March 2002 at the Holzma Meeting, 33 such installations have already gone into operation. The reasons are as compact as the machine in itself is convincing.
High Tech: CADmatic-control system complete with process graphic Diagnosis of errors aided by graphics and video sequences. Non-contact measuring system for program fence.
Compactness:. Minimal space requirement for left- or right-hand machine.Flexible feeding from three sides.
Performance: Rack-and-pinion drive for saw carriage and program fence. Intermediate table enables simultaneous operation of rip saw and cross-cut saw. Unlimited flexibility. An absolute novelty in this saw is the newly developed "central side pressure device". This feature further increases the speed of the machine and so naturally also the output. This new side pressure device working directly at the cutting gap now makes it possible - for the first time ever - to square and cut thin laminates and plastic materials with controlles pressure regulation.
Clients: In the first place, naturally, the classical user of small, compact angular saws with average-to-high cutting capacities. And now an increasing number of workshops using single saws with average production capacities that want, in future, to profit from the advantages of the budget-priced, space-saving HKL 11 without having to accept a reduction in their flexibility of choice of panel materials and applications.

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Products - Technical Data

HKL 11/43/22 Optimat
Saw blade projection
125 mm
Cutting length/width
4300 mm/ 2200 mm
4300 mm/ 1600 mm
Max. stack height without pitStapelhöhe ohne Grube
680 mm
Max.. Stack height with pit
880 mm
Max. load
7 t
Main saw motor
18,0 kW
Scoring saw motor
2,2 kW
V = Saw carriage
5- 130 m/ min.
V = Program fences
80 m/ min.
Total air volume based upon 6 bar
60 l/ min.
Air pressure required
6 bar
Total connectes load
58 kW

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