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Throughfeed Drilling
Optimat BHX 500
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Optimat BHX 500

Kitchen, office furniture, interior design manufacturing Doors and processing of solid wood

CNC - Processing Center

The Optimat BHX 500 enables simultaneous processing of both sides of cupboards. Hereby it is possible to manufacture identical or mirrored parts in a single processing and clamping step.
The Optimat BHX 500 Concept is based on the idea of dividing the machine into 3 technology ranges: the loading area, processing area and withdrawal area. Hereby the gained independence optimizes the processing steps in terms of quality and time.
To fulfil the customers expectations and raise the production output within the same time interval and also maintain the same quality the Optimat BHX 500 is equipped with a special power package. High-Speed processing aggregates up to 7500 RPM accelerate the axes up to 10m/sec and the processing speeds up to 130m/min hereby permanently keeping this machine in motion. Despite high occurring kinetic energy the quality of the processed parts is maintained on the hightest level. Consequently the Optimat BHX 500 emphasises complete and efficient CNC-Technology with which all common challenges are achieved quickly and precisely.

- "The simple way" - optimal access to the processing aggregates
- 5- sided processing of the workpieces
- Double panel processing in one step
- Workpiece thickness up to 80 mm
- Measuring of the workpiece length and thickness
- Automatic spindle clamping system-patented
- Sealed "long-life" linear guiding system
- spindles: 2 x 32 vertical
- 2 x 8 horizontal in X
- 2 x 2 horizontal in Y
- Grooving saw: 2 x 90° swivable in X- and Y- direction
- Routing spindle: 2 x 6 kW ETP

Technical Data:
Workpiece feeding dimensions:2500 x 1300mm
Rapid traverse speed X -Y - Z -axis:138 - 80 - 50 m/min

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