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Processing centres and CNC routers
Routers profi line BOF 211 and profi line BOF 311

The world of window production is currently in a state of upheaval: New corner connections are on the way in, while the variety of measurements, shapes and profiles is growing all the time. Whether in the cabinet shop or on the factory floor - window producers have to keep in step with developments by introducing a far greater degree of flexibility. Those prepared to embrace innovative, more streamlined production methods will gain an enormous edge in this competitive market. Homag's CNC-controlled stationary technology for complete workpiece processing opens up whole new market perspectives. This highly flexible technique offers a whole series of convincing benefits over traditional throughfeed processing methods.

Unlimited variety
With Homag routers Genius BOF 411 and 311, producers have all types of modern window corner connections at their fingertips. The machines process the individual window elements completely prior to gluing and surface treatment. Even highly complex special shapes can be produced with minimum complication - including for example trapezoidal, triangular, round arched or segmental arched windows. Variable programming with graphic support using WoodWOP reduces the necessary data inputs to just a few parameters. And for those who still find this too much the WoodWOP "Window" interface permits troublefree data transfer from trade-supplied standard window software.

The easy way
Individual parts are considerably easier to handle and take up far less space than complete frames. Work steps are performed on the individual workpieces: the finished window does not come into being until the final assembly stage. All of which means a reduction of your warehousing and production costs - less handling, higher output. You save time-consuming sorting and marking processes: All the parts for a particular order are produced on a just-in-time basis and are always kept together. Special drillholes for locating pegs, screws etc. are made at the same time; locking hardware can be recessed or automatically marked. With all these benefits, the manufacture of windows with 4 mm rebate clearance becomes a viable proposition again.

Optimum weather protection

Another benefit of this production method: Because each wooden element is individually lacquered on all sides prior to gluing, the critical grain end is reliably protected against the ingress of moisture.

Today windows, tomorrow doors, and the day after...

Needless to say, producing windows is not the only thing your router is capable of. It is also in the market for the complete processing of doors. "Complete" in this context means ready prepared to fit a letterbox system, for glass lights, hardware, rebate, lock case, lock plate and so on. It can also produce frames and other construction elements for conservatories. Or stairs. Or wall elements. Or furniture components... the list is endless. In any customary type of material from solid wood through chipboard, MDF and coreboard to plastics. Optionally also with edge banding and processing. All with outstanding economy - whether for whole series or one-off production.

The Interface

Router Optimat BOF 211 - The Interface

The open-ended, three-dimensional interface offers unlimited scope for the application of units:
- Power transmission
with controlled spindles for powerful drive even at only low speeds (14.5 KW)
- C axis -
rotation of units around their own axis up to 360 degrees (option)
- Pneumatic transmission -
e.g. for intermittent unit control

All units can be exchanged into the working spindle via the interface from a magazine. The 12 kW working spindle is required to fulfil a wide variety of functions, and is equipped with the very best that modern technology has to offer:
- Water cooling for optimum machine function
- Hybrid bearings (ceramic) = less friction, double the service life, maximum precision
- Four-dimensional interface for all conceivable unit functions and simple future upgrading.
- Maximum static and dynamic rigidity, ensuring a high degree of exchange and repeat accuracy
- Standardized tool interface HSK F63

The modular processing units
A wide selection of units is available to cover a comprehensive range of processing requirements. The system is continuously further developed and extended, and is designed to offer unlimited scope for future upgrading. To find out more, simply ask us.

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