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 Drilling and screwdriving
Cordless drills
Festool offers different cordless models with optimum handling. The TDK is a mini revolution: It’s small, extremely compact and powerful. The C 12 with EC-TEC® motor technology is lightweight, sturdy and durable and the FIRST cordless drill with an Electronic Induction Motor. Both models enable you to work in the most restricted space thanks to their construction. They also permit to work without fatigue even over head for longer durations, due to the equilibrated weight balance.

 Portable circular saws
Plunge-cut saw - Pendulum-cover saw - Portable carpenter’s circular saw - Building materials saw
All Festool sawing devices work with a guidance system for safety and accuracy. With their smooth coating, the rails prevent the surface of the workpiece from being scratched. The patented anti-scrape system enables clean and abrasion free edges. This eliminates subsequent finishing treatment and customer complaints. Our selection of saws includes a jigsaw with a patented sawblade guidance system, a universal and accurate plunge-cut saw as well as a simple and sturdy pendulum cover saw.

The Trion pendulum jigsaw with its three-way saw blade guide with parallel-adjustable, carbide-tipped guidance jaws guarantees an optimal, perpendicular cut. Among other things, we have patented the saw blade quick-change system, which leads to valuable time savings when changing saw blades.

 Circular trimming saws
There’s a solution to everything – and its name is PRECISIO. Because the PRECISIO can be used as a trimming and bench saw. As a trimming saw, it can handle shelves and furniture sections up to 320 mm wide splinter-free on both sides. With a few flicks of the wrist and by securing the trimming saw the central position, it can be converted into a bench saw for rip cutting.

The PALLAS can do everything cleanly, accurately and quickly. It can trim panels up to 225 mm wide at any angle and with no splintering, it performs excellent rip cutting without changes to the pre-set profile setting rail, and can saw skirting boards precisely even in corners.

Routers, edge and laminate trimmers
Even our routers work easily with the Festool guide rail system – OF 1010, OF 1400 and OF 2000. Festool has 2 models of edge router/trimmer, the OFK 500 and OFK 700, both easy to handle due to the ideal centre of gravity. The OFK 500 is light, handy and perfect for small radii and chamfers. The OFK 700 is a multi-talented tool for surface and edge protrusions, vertical or horizontal use - unbeatable in precision and perfect guidance.

Electronic planer
With the Festool planer HL 850 E you can cut a notch of any desired depth and work very close to corners. It can be operated with one hand, and allows the operator to monitor the cutting edge. The regulated smooth acceleration secures that the head always rotates without vibration. The unique construction with just one spiral blade allows for quick blade changing. A dull or worn out blade can be replaced in less than 60 seconds. The highly accurate construction eliminates any need for adjustment. With its low weight and the planing width of 65 mm (2.54 inches), the EHL 65 E is perfectly adapted to the needs of any skilled craftsman.

 Surface finishing
DUPLEX® linear sander - ROTEX® - Eccentric sander - Direct drive orbital sander - Gear-drive sander - Belt sander and power file - Rotary sander and polisher
Festool offers competence and diversity in the area of surface treatment. No matter whether the work material is wood, metal, paint or varnish: The professional solution for sanding and polishing is Festool. For big surfaces, for edges and borders, for fine finishing, in restricted space, for maximum abrasion in a minimum of time: Festool offer a suitable solution.

 Dust Extraction
CLEANTEC® mobile dust extractors - SR extractor
Most workshops generate dust when it comes to sanding, grinding, routing, sawing or cleaning. Festool’s objective is to help improve OHS in those workplaces and this is why Festool puts all of its innovative force into new, high-power dust extractors - to protect your health and keep your workplace clean. Festool’s CT dust extractors are the first mobile dust extractors sold in Australia that are supplied standard with HEPA filter. HEPA: because your health is important.

 Basis Plus system
Basis 1 A: Bench-mounted circular trimming saw - Basis 2 A: Bench - Basis 4: Bench-mounted jigsaw - Basis 5 A: Bench mounted cutter - Basis 6 A: Bench-mounted cutter - Compact B120: Bench-mounted belt
The system Basis Plus features a complete workshop with five different tools on little more than one square yard. In the basic unit, five different fitted units can be quickly implemented for sawing, routing or sanding. A wide selection of guidance rails, stops, additional work tables and small parts adapts this versatile system to efficiently perform even highly specialized tasks.

 Guide system - Multifunction table
Guide system - Multifunction table
Festool is a pioneer when it comes to guide systems, and provides professionals with reliable and innovative solutions. The Festool guide system has multiple patents and is one of the most important prerequisites for absolute precision results with portable circular saws, jigsaws and routers.

The multifunction table is used for work where the workpiece needs to be firmly clamped and the tool is moved. The multifunction table has a special, large support area which allows you to work safely and professionally on all workpieces.

Stirrer and mixing centre - Masonry renovator - Carpet remover
A wide range of specialty tools enables you to renovate professionally. The renovation grinder saves more than 50 percent of your time when removing old paint or stucco. With the variable penetration depth, even thin layers can be removed without damaging the undersurface. Specialty tools like the vinyl remover enable a time saving and sensible way for removing glued carpet, remaining glue or persistent vinyl. The mixer, used for concrete, mortar and glues, completes our concept for cost-effective renovation.

 Air tools
Pneumatic sanders
Our air tools are unmatched in reliability and resistance to wear. They will not overheat or burn out even after hours of non-stop working. Due to their construction, airtools contain far fewer moving parts than powertools. This results in a lifespan of up to 5 times longer. Our unique IAS 2-system, that combines pressurized air, exhaust and dust extraction into one hose, enables you to change tools quickly, and eliminates hoses from getting twisted.

 Organising your workspace
Systainer - plug it-system - Boom arms
The systainer is our unique transportation, organization and package system. It is an ingenious stacking system, made from durable and heat resistant plastic, ready to be shipped with your Festool tools. Most of our tools are now delivered in a systainer.

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