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CPS- Segmented Pad

The CPS Segmented Pad


Only the optimum sanding pressure across the workpiece guarantees a perfect finish. Therfore the "electronic pad” needs to know the size and shape of a workpiece, and its precise location in the machine at all times. To do this, the workpiece is scanned as it enters the sander, and the information immediately fed into an on-board PLC. The controller then directs the operation of each segment for perfect pressure application, taking into account the conveyor feed speed, and timing parameters within any given sanding programme. The sanding pressure is regulated to give perfect, repeatable sanding results.
Precise digital timing together with state of the art pneumatic ensures "ani-dubbing” all around the panel and guarantees crisp square edges. Automatic thickness compensation within a workpiece or between two workpieces is contolled by the system too. Different types of wood and veneer require different sanding pressures to obtain the best result. All these parameters can be stored within the programmes.
The result: Always a perfect finish.


The CPS segmented system, developped by Bütfering, is working with three different segment widths
- 50    mm
- 25    mm
- 12.5 mm
A combination of different segment widths within one machine are possible by the symmetry of graduated steps. Therefore a more optimum adaption of the sanding head to the different applications and surfaces are guaranteed.


Workpiece sensing / scanning
The installed workpiece scanner bar at the infeed of the machine is based on mechnical sensing rollers with one limit switch per track. The distance of the sensing rollers is depending on the narrowest segment width, in the heads installed.
- clear switching point on all workpiece types and shapes
- no influence of the scanning by dust
- maintenance-free, wearless design

CPS Ansicht

CPS- Segmented Pad System
The state of the art Bütfering CPS Segmented Pad guarantees high quality surface due to it’s intelligent, compact and maintenance-free design.
All connections for the triggering and controlling of the individual segments are situated in a hermitically closed aluminium profile.
- dust proven
- compact design
- maintenance-free mechanic
- precise exactness by short reaction time

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