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HFL/V 66 power line GIGANT

Customers expect more from Holzma and Holzma always delivers more.
We always accept our Customers challenge for new novations. And we demand this of ourselves everyday. Supported by the phantastic co-operation of our international sales- and service partners these are the main reasons why Holzma has become the international leader in cut to size technology today.

Our stragety:

international market orientation, defined positioning of our machines, both medium and large plants, all comprising a comprehensive scope of supply together with our focus on constand leadership in cut to size technology.

Ideal due to the modular technique for every plant lay-out concept.

Unmatched performance and speed for all standard and thin panels.

The concept for independent performance of the rip and the cross-cut saw.

The synthesis of experienced engineering and state of the art plant control.

Continuous material flow towards the "in-line" sorting stations.

Continuous material flow in the destacking area due to multifunctional "in-line" destacking stations.

Intelligencce-control for the entire plant.

With total competence and by heart! HOLZMA service is everywhere.

Products - Technical Data

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HFL/V 66 power line GIGANT
Max. panel size
6.500 x 3300 mm (beyond upon request)
Max. book height
310 mm
Min. panel thickness
1 mm
Concept saw units
2-5 Saw units
Concept complete plants
Independant operation of feeding, rip and cross cut saws, destacking and strapping
Concept saw carriage
Tandem saw carriage; v=130 m/min
Concept saw blade change
Manually or fully automatic with or without saw blade magazine
Concept program fence
Up to 3 program fences for cross-cut-saws
Concept feeding
Feeding of books
Micro-Infeed: full book
Micro-Infeed: Multiple mini books
Single panels with book preparation table
High capacity VAC feeding system
Nip-roller feeding for thin panels up to 30 cycles/min
Concept destacking
fully automatic
semi automatic

Collecting, sorting, destacking, robots
Liftomat destacking units
Concept strapping
Semi or fully automatic

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