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Reduced set-up times

Neue Seite 11 A minimum  of set-up time

Solutions to increase machine performance and machine availability!
We build machines for professionals!

Our customers have to produce in large and in minimal quantities economical!

Once executed orders have to be reproducible, anytime - to fixed specifications and in the shortest time possible.

Adhesive costs are an important factor - they can be controlled by reliable and reproducible set-ups.

A wrapping machine might necessitate 20 - 40 coil changes in one shift. The right system can provide here considerable spare capacity.

Even the quality is to a large extend a matter of set-up and has to be controllable.

We have provided pioneer work and have nearly tripled machine capacity with new and innovative solutions.


With Friz you optimise e. g. the Profile change...

- Quickchange system
- adjustable tool-carriers
- reproducible - every time



With Friz you have e. g. the most modern unwinding systems on hand ...

- high machine availability
- coil change without machine stop
- programmable design change



With Friz technology you will get e.g. reproducible machine settings ...

- to your specification
- to increase production capacity
- to safeguard the economy

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