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Throughfeed Drilling
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profi line BST 100

Throughfeed Drilling Machines


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Cross-Throughfeed Drilling Machine


profi line BST 100

With the drilling management system BST 100 we are able to solve the special needs of each customer. This requires perfect support from us.
Our specialists await your defined problems.
Once our solutions have been matched to this challenge a qualified project management team will then completes the task.
With over half a century of experience, efficient drilling systems come as second nature to us.

Our systems and our service philosophy are your guarantees to success!.

profi line BST 100 new design
More stations – more workpieces!

Individual modules are processing the furniture components independently and simultaneously; flexibility, high potential performance and set-up times in seconds.
BST 100 Losgrösse1 Graphik
Station 1: horizontal drilling
Station 2: vertical drilling
Station 3: horizontal doweling
  • more parts per minute
  • high Output – small batch sizes
BST Bohrer mit Material
The BST 100 can fully perform as an island solution as well as being integrated in a production line.

These machines are used for producing all types of furniture including Office, Kitchen and Bedroom as well as all the other classical furniture made today.
BST 100 Blue Anlage
Unison of technology and design

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