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Processing Centre BAZ 700

Gantry series BAZ 700

A whole new standard in flexibility

The growing complexity of customer requirements, new products and shorter delivery periods call for a manufacturing technology solution which is both flexible and efficient. The new BAZ 700 gantry series addresses these demands with a whole new standard, combining high flexibility and high output for the first time in a gantry machine requiring a low financial investment.

The unique flexibility achieved by the series is made possible by modular based unit technology and varied equipment possibilities. Coupled with the use of two independent processing tables and up to three processing units (profi line) , the BAZ 700 gantry series opens up exciting scope for above-average productivity, flexibility and quality.

Save space through a compact gantry design
Depending on your processing requirements, both tables can be used independently or in tandem mode: Either for alternating processing (workpieces are positioned on one table while the other table is in full production), or for processing large workpieces in a minimum of space. The gantry design cuts down on distances covered by the operator, as the work areas for the two tables are directly adjacent to each other.

The patent-protected safety monitoring system eliminates the need for extra space allocated to safety devices or step mats.

Synchronous processing
Two spindles process two workpieces synchronously on one table – which means the routing output is doubled. The gluing unit can also be used simultaneously in conjunction with the other table.

Independent processing
Simultaneous processing of different workpieces with the spindle and gluing unit, making two machines in one.

Highlight on "Spindle technology"
The use of a controlled vector spindle featuring electronic speed monitoring offers a whole range of benefits:
• Electronically monitored power input protects the spindle from damage due to inconsistent materials (such as knots in the wood)
• HSC technology for high feed rates and optimum surface quality due to speeds of up to 30,000 rpm
• No loss of speed under load, guaranteeing a consistent cutting rate and surface quality
• Full torque even at low speeds (e.g. when sanding)
• Liquid cooling in the spindle for low operating temperatures and a longer service life

CNC Processing Center
Line of gantry type machine - BAZ 700
Edge-banding the Homag way! Fast, clean, and safe

The Homag gluing unit works by direct glue application – making it considerably faster than with precoated edges. The edge is glued and applied optimally because fresh glue is constantly supplied to the material. You no longer need precoated edges!

Gluing technology, the Homag way!
- Quickmelt melting unit that has been proven on high capacity edge banding machines
- Direct hot melt application with up to 20 m/min.
- Feed rate controlled main and post pressure rollers that provide constant pressure to the edge material.
- Pre-snipping station for cutting the edge
- Veneer edges and plastic edges up to 3 mm thickness are suitable for processing. (optionally even up to 4 mm thick edges)
- Optional edge preheating with a hot-air fan is also available. With this technology, thick edges with a radius as small as 8 mm (depending on the edge material) can be applied on the work pieces.
The gluing unit is mounted on hinges and can be opened easily for simple and fast maintenance (quick service). Butt joint – complete 360°
The 360° gluing head makes a perfect butt joint. Both ends of the edge come together so exact that only a fine hairline can be seen.

Single or multiple
Instead of thick solid edges, several veneer edges can be glued one on top of the other and subsequently then be profiled.

The "Interface” for the gluing unit
- Simple maintenance and cleaning. Short changing time (max.1 minute)
- Compatible use of add-ons such as: T-mold unit, soft-forming unit or foiling unit (options).
- Units can be exchanged between machines if you have several machines.

Modular range of processing units
Find a wide range of units at your disposal to process multiple jobs. The system offers ideal scope for future upgrading, an is constantly extended and updated. Simply ask us.

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