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Sizing and profiling machine FPL 614 und F

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Double-end tenoners / sizing maschines

Sizing and profiling machine FPL 614 und FPL 624


Solid wood fronts enjoy widespread popularity in many markets. High-grade furniture fronts and doors constructed in solid wood are generally manufactured using a frame and panel design. Homag has launched new machines designed specifically for the efficient, precise processing of many different formats and profiles in the field of solid wood: The FPL 614 and FPL 624.

Whether large or small batch sizes, profile processing of panels, internal or external profiling - their fast, simple tool changing technology makes these two an unbeatable solution in terms of flexibility and economy.

Workpieces of different dimensions can easily be processed on the FPL 614. The wide chain transport system with its cams was designed specifically for the economical production of batch sizes as small as one, and is suitable for the production of both narrow frame components and panels, or for sizing ready-to use doors.
For straight profiling, up to five spaces are provided for units: One free space, two trimming units (synchronous movement controlled and opposite movement) as well as two sanding units.

Tool change system

Homag offers you three standard solutions for your specific tool changing requirements.

CF technology

The unique Homag control system permits the FPL 614 to be upgraded easily and economically at any time for contour processing - leaving a whole range of options open to you.

Contour trimming

CF technology allows rounded or curved geometries or profiled components on frame and panel doors to be processed in throughfeed. The CNC control system permits trimming and profiling operations to be performed precisely to specification, effectively eliminating the need for templates.

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