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Double-end Tenoners
Tenoner NFL 25-NFL 26
Sizing and profiling
Tenoner FPR 225 - FPR 226
Tenoner FL 10 - FL 20
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Double-end tenoner NFL 25 - NFL 26

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Double-end tenoners / sizing maschines

Double-end tenoner NFL 25 - NFL 26


Double-end tenoners from Homag are reliable, compact "workhorses" designed to perform a whole range of functions: Angular and inclined cuts, sizing, profiling, rebating, grooving and corner processing ... Perhaps you are aiming to enter the lucrative parquet market, or to produce windows, doors, fronts and panels. With their hard-wearing, low-wear, low-maintenance technological concept these machines are characterized by high output and maximum availability.

Success in bulk quantities

Two passes - one longitudinal, one transverse - are sufficient to process all four sides of your workpieces. Switching both passes in succession opens up scope for enormous production increases - through to the compact production line with continous material flow, including loading and stacking. The control system and processing unit technology permit simple resetting - meaning bulk output even when producing small runs or frequently changing batch types.

Operating convenience as standard
Homag double-end tenoners are outstandingly simple to operate and program. Frequently required settings can be conveniently stored in the form of processing programs.

Heavy-duty chain links for easy transport

Together with the torsion-resistant top pressure beam, the chain tracks guarantee reliable, precise workpiece guidance. The individual elements of the block link chain run on precision guides mounted in ball bearings at the running and guidance surfaces, ensuring easy running and reliably preventing lateral displacement. The workpiece feed can be precisely adjusted in line with tool and material requirements. The rubber and plastic chain backing is designed to ensure maximum care of delicate workpiece surfaces.

Height and width adjustment
The linear guide at the fixed machine bearing and recirculating ball spindle ensures easy-running, fast adjustment precisely to digitally entered width dimensions. Height adjustment of the top pressure beam is powered by a maintenance-free cardan drive system (optional feature). Low-play adjustable mechanisms guarantee a high degree of dimensional and repeat accuracy.

"Transverse" workpiece transport using stop dogs
An ingenious system of retractable stop dogs ensures precise angular positioning of workpieces during transverse processing. The dogs are adjustable - infinitely variable adjustment an optional feature - and are simply retracted into the chain links during longitudinal processing.

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