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Postforming machines VF

Postforming machines VF

The technology

Postforming machines are most frequently used in a single-sided version. For higher capacity requirements, double-sided machines are also available. And it goes without saying that Homag also offers high-performance units. Depending on the material used, the feed rates of the different models range from around 10 to over 30 meters per minute. The length of the machine depends on the type and number of necessary processing units.

Five processing stages, five machine zones

The VF series postforming machines comprise five different zones for

glue application
glue activation
bending and
finish processing
The arrangement shown here illustrates a typical postforming machine configuration. A survey of the different processing units used is also provided. And for special processing requirements, a further selection of supplementary modules is also available. Like to know more? We look forward to your call.

Functionality plus visual appeal

The quality requirements imposed on modern furniture are growing more stringent all the time. In offices, kitchens, bathrooms or laboratories, in work rooms or for interior fittings: The demand is for furniture processed to an extremely high standard of quality.

Complete protection for surfaces and edges

Postforming offers an ideal processing method for furniture which is liable to mechanical, thermal or chemical stresses or exposed to the effects of moisture - all of which can take a heavy toll particularly in the sensitive edge area. Maximum reliability is called for here. And this is where the unique benefits of the postforming technique are brought to bear: The surface and edge of the workpiece are protected by a continuous laminate - which means that the unavoidable glue joint is located outside this sensitive area.

Focal areas of application include:

- Kitchen fronts and worktops
- Bathroom furniture
- Office furniture
- Interior fittings
- Shop fittings
- Bank fittings/counters
- Airports/counters
- Laboratory furniture
- Window seats

Different techniques, different machines

The production of postforming panels differs considerably from softforming and edge banding methods. Which is why it necessitates the use of different techniques. The starting material used for postforming is the profiled substrate panel, onto which a laminate is glued with the degree of overhang necessary for the relevant postforming process.

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