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- HPP72 Optimat
- HPP380 Optimat
- HPP11 profi line
- HPP23-33 profi line
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- HPP380 Optimat

HPP 380 Optimat

Enjoying international market leadership on cut to size technology it is our obligation to continously provide our customers with advantages in favour of their progress, expansion or diversification. Particularly in this trade, the variety of universal application is an everincreasing necessity. This demands absolutely up-to-date CNC technology, flexible control systems and reliable software solutions. With the new HOLZMA HPP 380 entirely new standards in high tech panel sizing for joineries, carpentries and small and medium size furniture manufacturers are introduced. The new "freedom" for all kinds of panel materials and applications. Unmatched technology in this class.

Products - Technical Data

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Saw blade projection
Cutting length/width
4300mm / 4300mm
4300mm / 3800mm
4300mm / 3100mm
3800mm / 3800mm
3800mm / 3100mm
3100mm / 3100mm
Main saw motor
13,5 kW/ Optional 21 kW
Scoring saw motor
2,2 kW
V = Saw carriage
130 m/min
V = Program fence
80 m/min
Air tables 650mm wide
1 x 2160mm, 2 x 1760mm (Cutting length 3100mm / 3800mm)
1 x 2160mm, 3 x 1760mm (Cutting length 4300mm)

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