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- HPP72 Optimat

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HPP 72 Optimat

And to begin with:
With its 80 mm saw blade projection the new HPP 72 is not just another panel saw in the Holzma family.

For joineries and small/medium sized furniture manufacturers, this machine sets absolutely new standards in technique, technology and profitability.
  • WORLD NOVELTY of the pressure controlled Centric Side-Aligner
  • COST-PERFORMANCE RATIO as attractive as never before and without comparison in its class.
  • USER FRIENDLY The CADmatic control becomes the partner of the operator with its graphical display, error diagnosis with realistic photographs and movie clips.
  • SCORING SAW Where else in this class is it automatically adjusted at the control panel?
  • DYNAMIC RACK AND PINION DRIVE for the saw carriage and the program fence; check for yourself: no other panel cutter in this class is faster or as efficient.
  • LINEAR, NON-CONTACT MEASURING SYSTEM for the program fence. Developed by HOLZMA with an accuracy of 50 impulses per millimetre, resistant to wear.
  • ON-LINE link to the Cut Rite optimization program with labelling. All in modular design. Panel sizing becomes a compound system right up to the production control.

Products - Technical Data

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Saw blade projection
80 mm
Cutting length/width
4300mm / 4300mm
4300mm / 3800mm
4300mm / 3100mm
3800mm / 3800mm
3800mm / 3100mm
3100mm / 3100mm
Main saw motor
9 kW (13,5 kW Option)
Scoring saw motor
2,2 kW
V = Saw carriages
5 - 100 m/min.
V = Program fences
80 m/min.
Air tables 650 mm wide
1 x 2160mm, 2 x 1760mm (Cutting length 3100 / 3800mm)
1 x 2160mm, 3 x 1760mm (Cutting length 4300

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