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Plants for door production

Homag has been the leading name in the door processing sector for many years.
We offer economical solutions both to door producers with a small to medium production output, and also to industrial-scale manufacturers.

Our solutions are characterized by the following focal points of emphasis:

* Concentration of all processing steps into a small number of flexible machines
* Achievement of a consistently high standard of product quality
* Minimal material transport, so humanizing the drastically reduced number of workplaces

Integration of machine and plant data into higher-level information and communication systems is gaining increasingly importance.

The open-ended control engineering concept practised by the Homag Group offers the ideal platform for integration.

The most important door production processes with Homag Group technology
Complete door leaf processing with
– Sizing and edge gluing and finish processing
– All grooving work
– Trimming / drilling recesses
– Groove processing on all four edges
– Lock case recess trimming
– Hinge holes and recessesAll necessary trimming and edge processing operations on panels and inactive door leavesAll trimming and sanding work on frames and panels for frame and panel doorsRebating and grooving work, where applicable also gluing and finish processing of block frames, as well as recesses for faceplates, hinges and corner connectionsThe block frames customary in China with longitudinal and transverse sections can be processed using this machine

As versatile and flexible as you are

Whichever door you produce, Homag Engineering will come up with a bespoke solution to address your requirement profile.

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