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Plant for flooring production

Production sequence in the high-performance line

The coated panels placed ready in stack form are separated in a feed unit. As the trimming takes place using diamond tools, the panel is automatically screened for metal detectors.

Before entering the dividing saw, the panels can be aligned in accordance with their surface detector (strip flooring effect). They are then divided longitudinally and transversely and turned over (decor side down for maximum precision during profile processing). Tongue and groove processing takes place on the longitudinal and transverse edges in a double-end tenoner line.

The finished workpieces are turned back over, cleaned, subjected to automatic or visual inspection, machine packaged and automatically stacked onto Euro-pallets.
Hard-wearing, high-performance technology for tough every-day industrial application
Homag production lines for flooring elements are characterized by:
- Extremely high feed rates of up to 120 m/min
- Maximum productivity: Up to 80 or 100 parts per minute depending on machine precision
- Absolute repeat accuracy
- Long service life
- High availability
- Extremely durable low-wear, low-maintenance technology

Absolute parallelism, neat butt joints
The dimenional precision of the flooring elements is one of the most improtant criteria when it comes to production. Even minimal discrepancies can have a devastating effect for the layer.

Here, you can rely on the standard of precision you have come to expect from Homag - in terms of length, width and angular precision as well as in distance of the tongue and groove from the surface. Production tolerances in this important area lie in the range of only 0.01 mm!

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