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Processing centres and CNC routers
Automatic contour edgebanding machines Optimat BAK 41 and BAK 31

CNC routers and machining centers play an ever greater role in the production of furniture components. These machines lend themselves well to a wide variety of applications, but they do not apply edge-banding.

Another handicap: If a router does not come from Homag, it cannot be upgraded with an edge gluing unit to turn it into a complete processing centre.

Edges in all shapes and variants

With the BAK 41 and the BAK 31, Homag is now offering new, outstandingly low-cost solutions for flexible, efficient edge banding and finish processing. It is now possible for you to substantially extend your product range in conjunction with your existing CNC machines.
Rectangular or curved components can be fitted with all types of popular edging material: Veneers and different plastic edges on coils or as fixed length material up to 3 mm in thickness, or optionally even up to 4 mm. And all this in a minimum of space, as the BAK 41 and the BAK 31 also come with impressively compact dimensions. The BAK 31 offers you a greater working depth of 1600 mm, for example for desk tops, while the BAK 41 is already able to cover most applications with a working depth of 1220 mm.

World leading technology

The BAK is backed by the know-how of Homag, the world's leader in edge application technology, giving you the reassurance you need to make your capital investment decision.

Edging processing centres Optimat BAK 41 and BAK 31 - pacemakers when it comes to edge banding

With their high gluing speed rates (up to 20 m/min!), traversing speeds (up to 60 m/min!), their rapid axis acceleration and, last but not least, extremely low machine set-up times, the BAK 41 and BAK 31 race through their work at impressive speed. Another time benefit: The coupled-motion operation of units and edges substantially reduces downtimes.

Produce without stopping by pendulum processing
Dual zone design allows for loading and off-loading of complete parts while the machine is in operation. This alternating style of processing ensures that the machine remains constantly in production.

Highly flexible solid table design

The solid table design allows for positioning of the vacuum pods at irregular angles, and simplifies the use of vacuum fixtures, which is a benefit when running complex, contoured components.

Set-up is simplified by laser and alignment fences

For fast, simple and precise suction cup positioning, the BAK 41 and BAK 31 are equipped with a laser positioning aid. And the new fences (2 each on the X and Y axis) simplify the precise positioning of non-rectangular workpieces.

All-round perfection: 360 degree gluing unit

This traced gluing unit is designed to ensure fast, perfect all-round gluing. It goes without saying that the gluing head is also able take inside radii (up to R=30 mm) easily in its stride. The Homag gluing unit works with direct glue application making it far faster than with pre-coated edging material.
The technology is proven and matured:
- Edges are fed at a flat angle
- No soiling of application units by chips due to an air cleaning jet integrated in the gluing unit
- Constant gluing speed independently of the workpiece contour.
- Scanning measurement system in the gluing unit makes sure of precise edge butt joints only a fine hair joint remains visible.
- Optional equipment with edge pre-heating for the banding of thick edgings on small workpiece radii from 8 mm (depending on edge type)

Coupled-motion edging
As the edging coil moves along together with the workpiece (optionally two coils), you can run your machine at full output, and the new horizontal edge changer ensures even more careful handling of the edging material (without twisting).

Collision control playing it safe
Automatic calculation of the gluing unit rotary angle in WoodWOP ensures even, collision-free edge gluing to a high standard of quality.

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