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KTD 720

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Sizing and edge-banding machines
Optimat KTD 720
Optimat KTD 720
Shaped parts and straight edges - Optimat KTD 720 - the „one for all jobs“

New Machine Concept
The KTD 720 is not only a new machine, it represents a flexible machine concept.
The goal of the new development was to have a machine not only for efficiently and reliably gluing a series of formed parts but also for processing smaller quantities of straight parts.


Accessories - Optimat KTD 720


Hot air unit for thick PVC edges
To soften thick PVC edges and allow bending of smaller radius.


Feeder KTD 720
Feeder KTD 720
Automatic workpiece feeding on KTD 720
This automatic feeding device helps you to archive consistent results in edging. Additionally it will help the operator in keeping the feeding speed.

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