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Optimat KAL 310
Softforming KAL 310/E
KDF 980 2C + KDF 991 2CU
KDF 760 C - KDF 790 2CU
KDN 630 - KDF 680 2CU
KDN 520 - KDF 570 2CU
KDN 420 - KDF 430 C
KDN 350 C
KDN 340
KDN 330
KDN 200 - KDF 220 C series
KDN 210
KTD 720
KTD 820
FTF 200
FTK 130
Table Edgebanders
Edge Trimming Machine
Contour Edgebanding
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KTD 820

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Sizing and edge-banding machines
Optimat KTD 820
Optimat KTD 820
The most flexible edgebander for straight and shaped work pieces
Optimat KTD 820 with operator edging big workpieces
Optimat KTD 820 with operator finishing big workpiece


Accessories - Optimat KTD 820

snipping KTD 820
snipping KTD 820
Snipping device for KTD 820
This unit was designed to give you advanced comfort and easier operation of the KTD 820. Ideal for mass production or in combination with a router that has no edge banding option. Just set the cut off length once and enjoy precise feeding of the edging material.

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