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KDN 200 - KDF 220 C series

Optimat KDN 200 - KDF 220 C sries

Optimat KDN 200 - KDF 220 C sries

Perfect edges for quality oriented customers
The new 200 series are extremely compact machines, which are setting new benchmarks in terms of high performance capability and operator convenience when processing edgebanding material up to 3mm.
Therefore this machines are very interesting for small- or newly founded companies. Here we offer Brandt know-how, without making any compromise with regard to quality and precision.


Facts you can count on:

Gluing up to 3 mm edge thickness, even solid wood
--> optional 6 mm
--> No compromise on the performance
Two motor end-trim unit
--> high precision through a drawing cut and
linear guidance system
Multifunctional trimming unit
--> clean trimming results through optimal dust extraction by using DFC tooling technology (Dust-Flow-Control)
Corner rounding unit
Quick and easy unit adjustment for all common edgebanding materials
--> minimum change over time
Optional Buffing unit or Scraping unit
--> for future installation
Modern line control system
--> high operator convenience and exact control of all units
Rigid construction
--> Machine base and processing units have industry standard
Precise and robust feed track and conveyer chain
--> are leading your panel exactly through the machine
Nesting package (optional)

Technical data

Feed speed (m/min)


Workpiece thickness (mm)

8 - 50 (optional 60 mm in combination with 6 mm edge thickness)

Edging material thickness (mm)

0,4 - 3,0

Coil cut-off (mm)

max. 0,4 - 3,0 x 45

Working height



400 V - 3 Ph - 50 Hz

Pneumatics (bar)



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