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Optimat KAL 310
Softforming KAL 310/E
KDF 980 2C + KDF 991 2CU
KDF 760 C - KDF 790 2CU
KDN 630 - KDF 680 2CU
KDN 520 - KDF 570 2CU
KDN 420 - KDF 430 C
KDN 350 C
KDN 340
KDN 330
KDN 200 - KDF 220 C series
KDN 210
KTD 720
KTD 820
FTF 200
FTK 130
Table Edgebanders
Edge Trimming Machine
Contour Edgebanding
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- Softforming Optimat KAL 310/E


Exciting potential for industry interior fitters

The new scope for creative edge design, especially with softforming profiles, and the growing number of different materials used in furniture production are raising whole new challenges for interior fitters and the furniture industry - and opening up interesting new potential. But increasing cost pressures are forcing producers to exercise special care in planning new investments. Customers expect a practically oriented machine for banding softforming and other edges to offer flexibility, efficiency and outstanding economy for every type of edging material. It was on the basis of of this underlying concept that the softforming machine Optimat KAL 310/E was developed.

Enormous edging variety

One of the most impressing aspects of the softforming Optimats is their amazing flexibility. The machines are capable of processing a wide range of different edging materials:
- Solid wood
- Fixed length or coil material
- Melamine
- ABS or veneer edges

Profiles range from roof and drum shapes through to S or inlay profiles. And naturally with finish processing all-in!

State-of-the-art engineering for optimum results
The modern, high-performance engineering concept of the Optimats guarantees a high standard of processing quality and outstanding user convenience:
Modern, low-maintenance machine elements
Fast, precise resetting with maximum precision in the reproduction of settings
Maximum user convenience both as regards mechanical and unit engineering and machine control
Workpiece-oriented program generation with graphic support for the machine operator.
Inlay profiles lend any panel edge an unmistakable "face" of its own. The versatile possibilities for combination of edges and panels in terms of colour, shape and material lend the imaginative producer endless scope for creative furniture design - and that goes for your business too. In order to produce inlay profiles, certain additions to the basic softforming machine configure are required.

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